Great job Rod – thank you. You adopted exactly the right ‘tone’ for a diverse group with some (not necessarily immediately obvious!)competing interests.  I think we all agreed beforehand that we needed a facilitator who could stand outside of the group observing and shaping the meeting as required and you were able to do just that. Also appreciate the prep time you put in to understand what the issues were, the potential hot spots, the complicated service arrangements, etc.

Department of Health Tasmania 2019

The workshop was well prepared, it helped that Rod was aware of the Tasmanian landscape. The workshop turned a relatively boring subject into an engaging session! The outcome of the session was successful with all parties agreeing that further discussions should and will be facilitated and they led to a further level of understanding between services. 

Sal, Primary Health Tasmania 2019

I thought that there was good preparation and planning for the workshop. Rod was flexible about meeting the requirements of the workshop –fitting in around the clinic, the time available, the ages of the participants and the research agenda. This meant there was less time than you would usually allow for establishing the group, discussion, reflection and feedback but Rod managed to ensure everyone participated, all opinions were valued while keeping everyone focused and on track and ensured the workshop achieved its purpose.

Kim, University of Tasmania 2019